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Prayers for releasing fears, anxiety, and worry

Prayers for releasing fears, anxiety, and worry
Release fearful and worrisome thoughts from the mind. Be relieved of worry, anxiety, and fears and experience peace of mind.  

Are you stressed out and deal with stress daily?

Are you dealing with anxiety, fears, and worry?

Are you concerned about the future and wonder how everything would work out?

Are you worried about what would happen to you, your loved ones, your career and wondering if you are going to have enough money?


When faced with uncertainties of tomorrow and the stress of daily life, you can either worry about it, or you can pray about it. The truth is, worrying does not resolve anything but merely attracts more to worry about, but prayers can and do help. This set of prayers has tremendously helped me as well as a countless number of my clients; it can help you too. Give it a try: you will be amazed by the results.

What is included 

  • Prayers to release fearful thoughts and fear-based scenarios from the mind.

  • Prayers to release heavy emotional burdens.

  • Prayers to resolve emotional pain, traumatizing experience, or concerns related to relationships.

  • Prayers for safety and protection.

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