Release anger, ​guilt, shame & disappointment affirmative meditation

Release anger, ​guilt, shame & disappointment affirmative meditation

Free yourself from anger, guilt, shame, resentment, and disappointment. Quiet your mind and live frustration-free!

Have you been hurt by people? Have you been betrayed or disappointed by people? Do you sometimes deal with anger and guilt? Sometimes we have feelings about past events and traumatic experiences, and there were times when we felt off but did not know why. We may even feel anxious, tensed, stressed out, or gloomy at times without knowing why.  Well, this is because there might be feelings about past events that have been buried in our subconscious mind—feelings that we have not addressed and that need to be addressed, worked on, and released.


This affirmative meditation is designed to help you to uncover and address buried feelings that you may be holding in your subconscious mind without being aware of it in order to work on them so that they can be transmuted and released.

What is included 

  • Address heavy feelings and release emotional burdens from the past.

  • Learn to forgive yourself for your past mistakes and shortcomings in life and let go of the past.

  • Learn a new way of looking at life and accepting what has happened so that you can move on.

  • The outcome is the inner peace that comes with forgiveness and the releasing of the past.

How to use this product?

This product is an affirmative meditative prayer. To best benefit from it, you will need to find a quiet place and listen to it, preferably with a headphone, with your eyes closed and with sincerity.