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Forms and Paperwork

  • Please fill out, and send us all the documents required at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

  • All the healing sessions will be conducted via Skipe so please send us your Skipe name or address at least 24 hours before your appointment time

  • Clients must fill out and return to us: 

    • One "Client Intake Form" 

    • One "Client Informed Consent Form"

  • All the required forms can be found below.

  • All the required forms must be filled out and sent back to us before we can provide the service.

  • The completely filled out forms can be sent back to us by:

    • Uploading them using the "File Upload " below 

    • Or faxing them to 111-222-3333

    • Or by emailing them to us along with your first & last name as well as your appointment date & time at:

Client Intake Forms

Client Intake Form PDF

Client Intake Form Word

Informed Consent Forms

Client Informed Consent form PDF

Client Informed Consent Form Word

Upload your files here
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