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First 5 chapters of the book "The Truth about Life"

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About this book

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Suppose you could ask God, Jesus, and other heavenly beings any question, and they would answer you. Questions about existence, why you are here; questions about money, sexuality, religion, how to heal from diseases, the fate of the earth, and no question is out of line. Suppose for a second that heaven came down to answer all the questions that you once thought could never be answered.

Suppose for a second that Jesus Himself, Archangel Michael, and other heavenly beings came to answer you. No, this is not a dream; although it may seem surreal, it happened to Lilly. This incredible and formidable book is a collection of conversations between Lilly and heavenly beings. The answers are undeniably clear, plain, and provided in a simple language that everyone can understand.


The conversations that you are about to read will surely change your life and won’t allow you to feel indifferent. If you have been searching for answers, you no longer need to look further because you have found them—in this book that you are about to read. Get ready; surprises may come out …

Book chapters

CHAPTER 1:Who Are We?

CHAPTER 2: The Physical Body

CHAPTER 3: Health and Disease

CHAPTER 4: Thoughts, Beliefs, Creation Of Reality

CHAPTER 5: The Ego

CHAPTER 6: Reincarnation, Karmas, Dharma, and Choices Before Birth

CHAPTER 7: Death, Life After Death, Heaven

CHAPTER 8: Soul Age, Soul Group, Soulmates

CHAPTER 9: Religion

Subchapter 1: The Truth about Religion

Subchapter 2: God

Subchapter 3: Jesus

Subchapter 4: Islam and Mohamed

Subchapter 5: Prayer

Subchapter 6: Bible Truths Revealed

Subchapter 7: The Notion of Hell

CHAPTER 10: Relationships, Sexuality, Marriage, Divorce, Unfaithfulness, Celibacy, Abuse

CHAPTER 11: Gender, Transgender, Personality Traits, Feelings, and Emotions

CHAPTER 12: Children

CHAPTER 13: The Truth About Mass Media, Television, and Celebrity Magazines

CHAPTER 14: Tragedy, Disease, Natural Disasters, People with Disabilities

CHAPTER 15: Miscarriages, abortion, suicide, drug addiction

CHAPTER 16: Future and Fate of the Earth, Dimensional Shift, and Graduation

CHAPTER 17: Clarification of Some Big Misconceptions and Lies About Life

CHAPTER 18: Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters

CHAPTER 19: Other Planets, Galaxies, and Beings from Other Dimensions

CHAPTER 20: Healthy Living, Food, Exercising, Sun, Grounding, Aging

CHAPTER 21: Money, Manifestation, Abundance

CHAPTER 22: The Seven Pillars for Success in Life

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