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"Emotional healing does not mean dwelling upon the wound;  it means looking at the world though unwounded eyes ."
What our work is about

Health involves more than a simple absence of disease because one can have no defined disease, yet at the same may not be healthy overall. This happens when some aspects of life such as the mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects are imbalanced.  Healing truly involves living in a balanced state on all levels of our beings: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

By combining all her knowledge as Energy Healer, Doctor of Pharmacy, and Naturally Gifted Intuitive, Lilly Koutcho brings in an eclectic, cutting edge, and holistic approach to healing that integrates all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit. As a powerful energy healer, she works in collaboration with her Guardian Angels, Archangels, and Spirit Guides to offer a powerful healing energy to help with the healing process along with helpful insights. As a naturally gifted intuitive, she is able to provide spiritual insights, healing guidance, as well as spiritual counseling. As a Doctor of pharmacy, she is able to bring in a scientific touch for a better understanding and an optimal health outcome. 

Intuitive insights

Eclectic, holistic, cutting edge approach to healing


"Pain is a sign that some part of our lives need a positive change."
What is Spiritually Guided Energy Healing ? 

Spiritually guided energy healing, as its name implies, involves manipulation of energy coming Divine Sources for healing purpose.These Divine Sources are Father Mother God, Angels, Spirit guides, and ascended masters, whose only purpose is to help us to be healed and get well.

Spiritually Guided Energy is mainly based on asking help from the Angelic beings and the Spirit Guides to assist people with their healing journeys. Therefore, the healing energy comes directly from God. These Angelic beings and Light Beings work on a spiritual level to help people heal. In Spiritual Truth, healing truly means “revealing” a person as created in the image and likeness of God as healthy, whole, and complete. The healer acts as a pipeline or a conduit allowing the healing energy to flow from the Divine Sources to his or her clients. It is sometimes referred as “angels’ therapy” when Angelic beings are the main source involved in the healing process.

The context of my work:

I work in collaboration with my Guardian Angels, Archangels, and my Spirit Guides to provide clients with powerful healing energies to balance and restore their bodies and minds to their God-given Wellness. Also, during the healing sessions, helpful insights, healing guidance as well as spiritual counseling will be provided to assist them with the healing process. As naturally gifted intuitive, I am able to receive healing guidance and instructions from my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides through my intuitions and feelings and communicate these guidance to my clients to help them in their healing journeys. 

"Instead of saying "My diagnosis", say
"The diagnosis" to detach and depersonalize from labeling."

"The intention of our work is to assist all people in their healing  journey in an  environment of respect, acceptance, and  understanding."

Welcome to the Space where Light, Love, and Healing Shine !!! 

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