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Dans ce livre, l'auteur offre une variété d'affirmations et d'outils sur comment manifester une vie d'abondance et comment guérir des problèmes physiques et émotionnels. Ce livre offre une collection d'affirmations de différentes sortes, les explications de leurs sources, et comment les utiliser. Dans ce livre vous trouverez des affirmations pour attirer le succès, l'abondance, le pardon, l'estime de soi, la créativité, et sur bien d’autres aspects de la vie.

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Suppose you could ask Archangels, Jesus, and other heavenly beings any question, and they would answer you. Questions about existence, why we are here; questions about money, sexuality, religion, why some people are homosexual, why some people have disabilities, how to heal from diseases, the fate of the earth, and no question is out of line.
No, this is not a dream; although it may seem surreal, it happened to Lilly. This incredible and formidable book is a collection of conversations between Lilly and heavenly beings. 

Let go of anger, resentment, guilt and shame. Free yourself from toxic past issues and relationships.  Overcome the past and transform it into opportunities for growth and blessings. Gain inner peace.

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Harvest divine help and assistance with daily life issues. These prayers include samples of morning prayer, prayer for challenging situations, forgiveness prayer, prayer for releasing fears and anxiety.
In this book, the author offers a variety of affirmations and tools on how to manifest a life of abundance and how to heal from physical and emotional issues. The book offers a collection of affirmations of different kinds, the explanations of their sources, and how to use them. Included are affirmations for success, abundance, forgiveness, self-esteem, creativity, and much more.
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