Free prayers

These prayers are meant to assist you in your life’s journey, to help you to receive answers that you are seeking, to overcome life’s challenges, and to gain inner peace.

The more challenges we face in life, the more often we should pray and say affirmations and meditate. The information provided here is to encourage your well-being and spiritual growth through forgiveness, releasing of the past, and peacemaking.

Reference to the Infinite

The Infinite in these prayers is referred to as “God.” Please refer to the Infinite using whatever name that best resonates with you: God, Universe, Father, Divine, Father-Mother-God, One Life, Jesus, the Buddha, Angel, Avatar, The Force of Life that permeates the whole Universe, etc. or whatever name best resonates with you.

These prayers are meant for all people, all beliefs, and all religions, and you don’t even have to believe in anything to garner the benefits of these prayers; the only things that truly matter are your intention, sincerity, and humility—it is all that is required to benefit from these prayers.

About belief systems

Belief systems are one of the most common things that impede our spiritual growth, well-being, and joy in life. Limited belief systems such as “I am a victim of life” or “I am a victim of my life’s circumstances” or judgment of others, or the “I know it all” attitude, ego, pride, and other self-defeating attitudes oftentimes create a barrier that not only blocks our happiness and relationships with others but also creates a veil that blocks how clearly we can hear and receive blessings from the Infinite.


To best benefit from these prayers, please let go of all belief systems as best as you can and say these prayers with as much sincerity and humility as you can muster.


This set of prayers are a gift for you. Please feel free to download it, copy it, tailor it to fit your needs, and share it electronically (for personal use). If you desire to publish it, please contact our team using the contact information on our website.