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Private Consultation

Private consultations are more in depth sessions that may last few hours or longer depending on clients' needs and the topics that will be covered. Private consultations are wonderful opportunities for those in search of profound healing as well as clear guidance for their most personal spiritual inquiries. During private consultations, we will dedicate time to address in depth health concerns as well as counseling on personal spiritual growth paths and life challenges. During these sacred times of deep healing, various health concerns, life lessons, and spiritual topics will be thoroughly discussed and helpful healing guidance provided.  

The following are some examples of services and themes that may be covered during a private consultation session:

Energy healing

Energy clearing

Energetic explanation of health related issues

​Scientific and Physiologic insights

​Counseling about health, healing, and how to stay healthy 

​Helpful insights about conditions which may be affecting your health and how to improve them

​Spiritual guidance about life related issues with practical advice to overcome them

​Counseling on challenging life lessons with practical healing insights

Practical tools to increase your vibration and to keep it high​

​Intention statements and prayers for healing purposes

Spiritual counseling

Preparation before a Private Session

Preparation before a Healing Session:

All of the healing sessions will be conducted from distance using Skipe


  • Please send us your Skipe name or address at least 24h before your scheduled appointment.

  • Make sure to have a good internet connection 

  • Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed

  • Spend time in a relaxing exercise such as meditation or any other breathing exercise of your choice

  • Come to the session with an open mind and with a positive intentions of experiencing healing and your highest good

  • More importantly: RELAX

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