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Spiritually Guided Energy Healing

Spiritually guided energy healing, as its name implies, involves manipulation of energy coming from Higher Dimensional Sources for healing purpose.  

The healer is able to channel the “healing energy” directly to the client. To do so, the healer enters into a calm semi-meditative state, tunes in to Higher Dimensional Forces, and acts as a conduit or pipeline to allow the healing energy to flow through him or her  directly to the client. These Higher Dimensional Forces are Divine Sources, benevolent, and purely loving “Light Beings”, whose only purpose is to help humanity in its evolution. These Divine Sources  are Father Mother God, Spirit guides, angelic beings, and ascended masters.​

What "Spiritual Guided Energy Healing" is NOT:

It is Not a religion: 

  • People of all faith or no faith are welcomed.

It is not limited to a specific group of people: 

  • Everyone regardless their gender,race, or age* can benefit from it.

It is not limited to specific health conditions: 

  • Anyone regardless of their health conditions can benefit from it. 

  • It is a non-invasive, subtle, and safe healing technique

Children younger than 18 y/o must have parental approval

"Healing always happens Here and Now."
What to expect  during a healing session?

Short debriefing about the health situation

Prayer or intention statement to call upon the Angels and the Light Beings for assistance

Distant energy healing


Energetic explanation of your health situation

Spiritual explanation of your health condition​


Scientific and physiologic insights 

Counseling on health, healing, and how to stay healthy

Advice on the best healing paths for your health concerns

Referral to other healthcare providers when needed

" Love is the medicine which heals all ills" 

Preparation before a Healing Session:

All of the healing sessions will be conducted from distance using Skipe


  • Please send us your Skipe name or address at least 24h before your scheduled appointment.

  • Make sure to have a good internet connection 

  • Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed

  • Spend time in a relaxing exercise such as meditation or any other breathing exercise of your choice

  • Come to the session with an open mind and with a positive intentions of experiencing healing and your highest good

  • More importantly: RELAX

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