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Who is Lilly Koutcho?

Lilly Koutcho is a multifaceted loving being whose intention and aim is to help people to live healthier and better lives and help them rediscover their true divine nature. She is a conveyer of divine messages, a scientist, a healing counselor, and a gifted energy healer who desires to share her unique talents and expertise with the world.

She was working as a hospital pharmacist and thought she has found her ways and paths in life but everything changed in her life when she bought what she thought to be a simple App of Archangel Michael to receive his daily guidance. Soon after acquiring this App, Archangel Michael started communicating with her not only via the App but also through her intuitive feelings, her thoughts and at some rare occasions directly through his voice. Later, she started receiving messages from other angels including Archangel Raphael, her guardian angels, and several months later from Archangel Gabriel. Soon, she started being feeling the presence and the helps of her angels in her daily life and developed a loving relationship with them.

Her life took an unexpected turn on one night of October 2016; when while lying in bed that night she had an out-of-body experience where she saw herself as a white light leaving her body and floating out of her home.  She felt guided by her angels through this out-out-body experience and she ended up what she could only describe as a “scene” where she was shown some aspects, people, and some experiences of her life. She came out of this experience changed and the message that she received from this experience was that lif is similar to a schoolroom or a platform with series of lessons orchestrated for learning purpose. She also got the knowing from this out-of-body experience that some challenging experiences of her life were lessons or assignments orchestrated before her birth. She started receiving more messages and words of wisdom from her angels and was encouraged to share them with others. The angels progressively help her uncover information about her life purpose including serving as healer and healing counselor. She later went into a personal spiritual healing journey guided by the angels during which her guardian angels helped her to heal from all her ailments including chronic health conditions that were told to be incurable. Today, totally disease free and healthy, she aspires to share her gifts, knowledge, talents and spiritual wisdom for all to benefit.

Lilly Koutcho
" Love is the medicine which heals all ills" 
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