How to heal from allergies

Updated: May 23, 2018

The truth about allergies!

The truth about allergy

I struggled with allergy issues for several years—more precisely, for nearly 15 years. It was so severe that I had to take allergy medications daily. I had a runny nose, sinus pain accompanied by a severe headache, as well as sneezing, all the time. I always had a facial tissue with me, as well as my allergic medications, at all times—especially when I was traveling. I was told that I had rhinitis spasmodic, a unique form of allergy that is not seasonal, which lasts all year long. I was told that I had to take these medications every time I had allergy symptoms, which, in my case signified every day of my life. I had no other choice because the allergy symptoms were so severe I needed relief so I could go about my daily activities normally.

With time, the allergy worsened, and my physician added a nasal spray to the medications that I was taking. I ended up having 3 medications just to treat the allergy. One day I decided that I needed to do something about my condition because I could no longer tolerate the discomfort and the pain that the allergy was causing. I first asked my healthcare provider what I could do to completely heal from the allergy. She told me that there’s no permanent cure for allergy conditions besides treating the symptoms, as it was related to the air—unless I lived in a bubble. I was very disappointed learning that the allergy was an irreversible condition, at least in my case. However, I decided not to accept this dismal diagnosis and decided to find a way to live healthy. I told myself that I would get rid of this condition at all cost and find a solution one way or another. It became a personal mission for me to find a solution to this allergic condition which was making my life miserable.

As a pharmacist at the time, I knew all about the medications and how they work, but I wanted to find something that was most suited for my case so I could find a permanent relief once and for all. I started to do research on how to heal from this health condition and came across books, documentaries, and alternative ways of dealing with this health issue. While I continued to take my allergy medications, I started to implement my research findings. I noticed that it was working, and I progressively stopped my medications and replaced it with a natural remedy, which to my surprise was very effective. I continued to implement the findings of my research—which were mostly changes in my lifestyle and environment. I also started to pray for healing as well as using healing affirmations.

One day I noticed that I had forgotten to take the natural remedies but had no allergy symptoms at all. I was surprised that I could go for a whole week without taking anything for allergy, then two weeks, and with time, I totally let go of the natural remedy that I was taking. I could not believe it! Today, I have no allergy at all, and it has been two years since I last took any medication, not even a supplement or a vitamin. I am healthier than ever before and have traveled to different states and countries with no allergy issues at all.

Oftentimes, the causes of diseases are multifactorial, meaning that there are several factors involved in their etiologies. These factors could be environmental, physical, mental, or spiritual. However, there is always a spiritual component and meaning to each disease (dis-ease) or health issue. In general, below every illness, there is resentment, an unforgiveness, or something that needs to be changed. Pain is a sign that some parts of our lives need a positive change.

Paying attention to the body part affected often gives clues to the spiritual implication of the health issue. For instance, a wrist pain is often synonymous with clinging to something unhealthy in life. Upper respiratory issues are often synonymous with being or living in an environment that a person does not tolerate or like. This environment could be a workplace, a place of living, etc. When we identify the cause of a health issue and address it appropriately, that health condition is healed. Allergies fall into the category of upper respiratory issues. At the same time, environmental factors can also contribute to allergies, and there are concrete measures that we can take to heal from an allergy. From my experience, I learned that we can heal from allergies and breathe with ease and that allergies are reversible or curable.

Below are the changes that I made to free myself from the chronic allergic health condition:

Using a highly efficient water purification system

The water that we drink contains fluoride as well as several other chemicals that are not beneficial to the body. These chemicals enter our bodies through the digestive system. We drink water, or it is absorbed into our body via the pores of our skin when we take a shower. I bought a higher sophisticated water purification system that filters the water I drink, and I even found a purification device that filters shower tubing system. Purifying the water reduces the flow or intake of chemicals and toxins into the body.

Changing my diet and adopting organic foods

Organic foods are the healthiest, as they have fewer chemicals. Eating organic foods is an investment in health. We do not have to fight for our health, but we do have to value being healthy. I want to mention here that if you don’t have money to buy organic foods, it’s fine; you can sincerely bless your food before eating them.

Drinking a lot of water

Water is vital for life, and our body needs water to function optimally. The body is made mainly of water. More than 70% of the body is made up of water, and water is essential for life. I have started drinking more water. Drinking a sufficient amount of water helps the body to get rid of chemicals through the renal system, as they are eliminated in the urine. Eight glasses of water is barely enough. I now drink approximately one and a half gallons of water every day, but everyone has unique needs. It is preferable to drink water from glass bottles or from BPA-free plastic bottles to avoid chemicals contained in most plastic bottles. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, an estrogen-imitating chemical that is found in most plastic products and derivatives.


Juicing refers to extracting juice from vegetables and fruits while leaving the pulps and fibers behind using a juicer. Juicing is highly effective, as it helps to consume a large number of fruits and vegetables that one can’t normally eat at once. Many vegetables and fruits have healing properties, and some even help to detoxify the body. For instance, cilantro is known for binding and removing heavy metals and other toxins from the body. Juicing with organic products is preferable.

Spending time outside in the sun

Just like plants need sun and water, the human body also needs the sunlight as much as it needs water. New cutting-edge research is now showing the importance of sunlight exposure, which is used by the mitochondria in the body to produce energy in the form of ATP. Furthermore, sunlight exposure helps to eliminate toxins from the body through sweat. This is a natural way of eliminating toxins and chemicals from the body.

Taking salt bath

Another way of eliminating chemicals from the body is frequently taking bath salts. These salts can be found in many grocery stores. I have noticed that the sea salts are the best and the cheapest. Furthermore, soaking in a salt bath also helps to clear energies absorbed from others.

Using the sauna

Saunas are rooms with high temperature designed to help with the perspiration process. Spending time in the sauna helps to sweat greatly and eliminates toxins and chemicals from the body as well.

Aerating the house daily

I open the windows of my home daily to let fresh air enter the house and to ventilate the house. I open the windows to aerate the house, no matter the weather. Of course, it’s difficult during winter time, but I try to open the windows at least for several minutes every day during winter time. On warm weather seasons, such as summer, I leave the windows open for a longer period of time, usually for several hours.

Using natural plants to purify the air in the house

Another change that I implemented during that time is buying plants that naturally purify the house and remove toxins in the air. There are probably several plants that have natural purification functions. There are two plants that were recommended to me: Areca palm plant (its scientific name is Dypsis lutescens) and Sanseviera trifasciata (also known as the mother-in-law tongue plant). I bought several of these plants and placed one in each room in the house. Besides the natural plants, I also bought an electric apparatus to help purify the air in the house.

Using an organic mattress

We spend several hours in bed daily. Organic beds are the healthiest, as they do not contain chemicals and toxins—such as fire retardants. Using an organic mattress helps to avoid breathing these chemicals and toxins into the respiratory airways while we sleep.

Concrete steps to take to heal from an allergy:

Do you know that most people who are cancer survivors are those who decide not to accept their diagnosis and rather decide to fight the prognosis at all cost? When someone believes that he or she is sick or has a disease, this belief becomes very powerful. Although allergies are benign health issues, the pathway to healing is the same:

1. Refusal to accept the prognosis or any dismal diagnosis

2. Decision to overcome the health condition and to do whatever it takes to heal

3. Being open-minded to explore new avenues or alternative solutions

4. Making necessary changes or taking concrete actions

5. Refusal to see yourself as sick or anything less than healthy

6. Using health and healing affirmations to recondition the mind

7. Visualizing yourself as healthy

8. Using prayers or intention statements and asking for help from God or the Universe

Healing affirmations:

Day by day, I am getting healthier and healthier.

I breathe with ease. Every part of my body is healthy.

My nose is healthy. My sinus is healthy. Every cell of my body is healthy.

Healing prayer:

Dear God and Archangel Raphael, thank You for healing my nose, head, throat, and airways. Please infuse my upper respiratory system with Your emerald green healing light to clear and heal it completely. Thank You for revealing to me any necessary change or action that I need to take for this healing endeavor. And so it is. Amen.

Final note

Implementing these changes will not only help you to heal from allergy issues but also heal from other health conditions as well. These changes will also naturally help to raise your vibration and will lead to a healthier and better life. However, remember that for complete healing, we must not focus only on the toxins of the body, but we must also deal with the toxins of the mind—such as anger, resentments, etc. Therefore, healthful changes must be made on a spiritual level as well as through the process of forgiveness and releasing toxic feelings and anger.

For Truth, Love, and Healing,

Lilly Koutcho


I do not recommend anyone to stop their medications or any therapy without consulting and talking with their healthcare providers. The advice provided in this article is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Information provided is not designed to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.