Spiritually Guided Energy Healing

What Spiritual Guided Energy Healing is NOT:

It is Not a religion: 

  • People of all faith or no faith are welcomed.

It is not limited to a specific group of people: 

  • Everyone regardless their gender,race, or age* can benefit from it.

It is not limited to specific health conditions: 

  • Anyone regardless of their health conditions can benefit from it. 

  • It is a non-invasive, subtle, and safe healing technique

Children younger than 18 y/o must have parental approval

Distant Energy Healing

Energy Healing can also be practiced from distance, this is known as "Distant" Energy Healing because in Spiritual Truth energy is not constraint to time or space. Therefore, healing energies can be "sent" or "projected" to clients from distance. Spiritually Guided Energy is mainly based on asking help from Angels and other Light Beings to assist clients with their healing journeys.The angels and the heavenly Light Beings are not constraint to time or space because they are Unlimited and can be with several people simultaneously having individual and exclusive experiences with each one of them at the same time. When called upon for assistance in healing, these Heavenly Beings instantly appear to the sides of those requesting their help although most humans may not necessary be able to see them with their physical eyes or feel their presences.. Even though we may be unable to see or feel them, they do respond and appear to all sincere calls for help and healing.

In the context of my work, I work in collaboration with my Guardian Angels, Archangels, and my Spirit Guides to provide clients with powerful healing energies to balance and restore their bodies and minds to their God-given Wellness. Also, during the healing sessions, helpful insights, healing guidance as well as spiritual counselings will be provided to clients to assist them with the healing process. As naturally gifted intuitive, I am able to receive healing guidance and instructions from my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides though my intuitions and feelings and communicate these guidance to my clients to help them in their healing journeys. 

Benefits of Distant Energy Healing"​:

"Hand-off"  Energy Healing: 

  • Suitable for those who prefer no physical contact  and  suitable for everyone 


  • Enable to stay comfortably at home during the healing session

Time saving: 

  • Enable people to save the time and energies of traveling by using online real time communication Apps such as Skipe.


Money saving: 

Enable to save traveling expenses to the healer's workplace or office.

* Children younger than 18 y/o must have parental approval

Spiritually guided energy healing, as its name implies, involves manipulation of energy coming from Higher Dimensional Sources for healing purpose.  

The healer is able to channel the “healing energy” directly to the client. The healer acts as a conduit or pipeline to allow the healing energy to flow through him or her  directly to the client. These Higher Dimensional Forces are Archangels, guardians, and ascended masters.

In a comprehensive and all inclusive point of view, human beings are energy beings made of pure layers of energies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) which together compose our energetic fields. In a healthy state, these different layers of energies work in a synchronized manner to supply, nourish, and sustain the body and promotes wellness.

Imbalances of the energetic fields may occur for various reasons such as holding strong negative feelings (resentment, anger, sadness, traumas…) or for many other reasons. These imbalances of the energetic fields are like “signals”, “messages”, or “pointers” indicating that something in our lives need a positive change either in our mental states, emotional behaviors, life styles, relationships, careers, or environments. However, when these “signals” or “messages” are ignored or left unaddressed, with time they eventually “manifest” or "appear" as disruptions in our physical bodies which become diseases (dis-ease).

Therefore, the principle behind “Spiritually Guided Energy Healing” is simply to "reveal" the whole healthy person as created in the image and likeness of God as healthy whole, and complete. This is done by bringing into balance the disruptions or stagnations of the energetic fields that may have occurred at any level of our beings (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual). This balancing of the energetic fields could be seen as "revealing" the healthy body or “restoration” to a state of Health and Wellness.